the Christmas Cottage

Christmas Cottage in the Sky: A Dream for the Perfect Christmas

By Ashley Chapmen

In Decoration
Jan 2nd, 2018

The trees and ground covered in white as far as the eye can see. You have to pull out the snow boats because it is too deep to walk in. Stepping outside Jack Frost bites at your nose making it even more difficult to breathe with all those layers on. Yet, for some reason it is invigorating. The crunching sound every time you make a step, the snow falling down like a blanket around you, the sky a blue-grey with more snow on the horizon. Yet, nothing could be more perfect than in this very moment.

A little cabin just big enough for one family sits high on a mountainside nestled in a forest of trees with blue spurs and evergreens all around. Only the winding, dark one car path will get you to this gorgeous, heavenly place on earth. You draw closer up the mountainside, the glowing lights from the cabin come in view, while smoke billows out of the fireplace that has not been used in years. The closer you get the more you can smell the wood burning, hot chocolate and Christmas trees.

As you park your car and slowly open the door, a million fragrances invade your senses giving you a heavenly overload of pine, cedar, firewood, and snow. The snow blows against you as the cold makes you shiver. All the while you are itching to grab that sled and go full speed down the mountain. But, at last, you have to unpack the car and get everyone comfy and cozy by the fireplace. Morning cannot come soon enough. But, for tonight hot chocolate and Christmas carols will have to do for tomorrow we’ll hitch the sled to the horses and go in search of that perfect Christmas tree for the cabin.

The sun slowly rises the next morning, filling every window with bright light and diamond-like reflections off the snow. It looks as if there are a billion diamonds outside as the sun shines on the newly fallen snow, but even that cannot alter your mood. Because today is the day you load the family on the sled and find that perfect evergreen Christmas tree. But, first, you have to pack the essentials ax, rope, hot chocolate, extra blankets, snacks, and a picnic lunch for you and the family. You even pack a little snack for the horses who will get you to your favorite valley that has the gorgeous Christmas trees you have ever seen.

After some time, you finally arrive at your favorite valley, everyone piles out of the sled, the kids go running and you cannot help yourself, but to join in the fun too. Snow ball fights, and snow angels take up most of your morning. But, finally, you get to set out for that perfect evergreen Christmas tree. After finding it, chopping it down just as they would in the glory days, you tie it to the sled, enjoy your picnic and head back to your little cabin in the sky.

Your day slowly fades as you decorate the Christmas tree by the fire, drinking hot cider and singing carols. It is the picture perfect, all American, old-fashioned Christmas cottage dream everyone has this time of year. Wouldn’t it be great if you could visit even for a little while?

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