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Best Christmas Homemade Stuffing Recipe

By Ashley Chapmen

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Dec 28th, 2017

I used to think that the only way I could have a decent stuffing for my turkey was to buy a store-bought box brand. But, after years of learning how to make things on my own, I have come up with the best Homemade Stuffing Recipe ever. Every year, I have to make 2 lasagna size pans full or there is never enough for everyone. It really is the easiest recipe for homemade stuffing I have created. It takes roughly 1 hour for prep and cooking time. I normally wait until the turkey is halfway done. I have a few tricks to make it even easier on you. After all, who wants to be cooking non-stop for 4 plus hours?




Bread or Bread Crumbs


Whole Chicken

Salt and Pepper


Turkey Juices or Chicken Broth



I like to boil the whole chicken the night before. It takes roughly an hour to boil on high. The next morning it will be chilled and easy to break off the bone without burning yourself. While I prepare the whole chicken, I like to cut up the celery and boil it at the same time in a separate saucepan.

Local grocery stories sometimes have boxes or bags of ‘breadcrumbs’ you can use that is easier and faster. If not, just lay out the bread the night before. Be sure to take the bread out of the plastic as we want it a little dried out.

Following morning, tear up the chicken and place in your cake or lasagna pans. Break apart the bread into smaller crumbs or cut into little squares. Lay out your celery as we will mix it all together.


Using a large bowl, add your bread, chicken, spices (start slow), celery, and eggs. For a 3 to 4-pound chicken I use roughly 6 eggs. The eggs are to hold everything together and make it mushy. I will add a baster full of juices as needed. What we want is the mixture to be very moist and mixed together. Everything should be sticking almost like a bread dough, but with chunks.

After I feel like the mixture is good and the spices are as close to right as possible, throw it in the oven for at least 1 hour. The stuffing should be golden brown. You will want to stir it as often as possible to keep it from over cooking in any one area. I tend to stir mine every fifteen to thirty minutes. As everything starts cooking, do a taste test, one of the best things about cooking Holiday means, you get to taste it all before everyone else. If any of the spices do not taste right add as you need before it is fully cooked. I try to go for less spices just because everyone can add their own salt and pepper at the table.

After the stuff is cooked and the turkey is done, I will add the stuffing into the turkey to help cut down on how many trays are on the table. If you need a bigger batch of stuffing like myself you will want to get a 6 pound plus chicken or 2 small chickens. Then, double the rest of the ingredients. When I make it, I use to bags of celery and 2 loafs of bread.

Is stuffing a holiday tradition at your house?

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