What puts you in the Christmas Spirit?

By Ashley Chapmen

In Stories
Nov 29th, 2015

The weather is turning colder, you can smell the wind and know snow will be falling soon. The leaves have all turned brown and orange and fallen from the trees telling you winter is sure to be around the corner. Each weekend you hear of a new bonfire or hayride parties in your home town and know that Christmas will soon be here. Every store front has some type of Christmas decoration and you can tell Christmas is just around the corner. During the holiday season, what puts you in the Christmas spirit? Is it the Christmas movies they show on television or the holiday songs being played on your favorite radio station. Maybe it’s the smell of fresh baked cookies or even the first snowfall of the season. Perhaps it is the magic behind the season or the small little things like being cooped up inside next to the fireplace. Each person has their own unique way of what puts them into the Christmas spirit.

There are so many things that will put me in the Christmas spirit each year that honestly I just cannot wait until Christmas is here. I love to wait for the first snowfall of the year it tells me Fall is over and Winter has arrived. The way the first snowfall looks is gorgeous a moment in time I just have to freeze with a photograph. The Retail stores and their Christmas decorations really do put me in the Christmas spirit. I could browse their Isles for hours and still feel like I had not seen it all. The one thing I cannot wait for is decorating my home that always puts me in the Christmas spirit. If you are like me, you will turn on your favorite Christmas tunes and put up the Christmas tree while dancing around the living room and singing off key.

Each year there are tons of television channels that begin playing Christmas movies as early as October. The Christmas movies and family holiday shows really do put me in the Christmas spirit. What Christmas movie is your favorite? I love to watch movies like the Christmas Card, Santa Claus with Tim Allen, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, etc. Christmas movies always seem to put my family in the Christmas spirit and ready to go out and help other people who are less fortunate.

Every person has their own way of getting into the Christmas spirit. Getting into the Christmas spirit could be the first snowfall, Christmas movies, Christmas songs, giving to others, or just the season itself. Christmas is a magical time of year of giving yourself to others in need and offering thanks for the season. If you are religious, Christmas is the time of year where you would celebrate Jesus’s birth and rejoice in the sacrifice he made for all of his children. Christmas is the time to give and receive joy, hope, and even miracles. It is the spirit that keeps on giving each year. No matter what your age is Christmas is a magical time of year that we just cannot seem to wait for.

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