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Christmas themed Pregnancy Announcements… Awesome Ideas!

By Ashley Chapmen

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Jan 4th, 2018

Over the years, I have seen some pretty well thought out pregnancy announcements. I mean after all you are expecting a new bundle of joy and some parents are over the moon excited about the newest little family member. The gender reveals have gotten even more clever and creative. But, I absolutely love the fun creative ways to announce a pregnancy during the holiday months. It can be super creative and fun. If you are expecting a new bundle of joy these ideas will just serve as creative ways to tell your family on Christmas day.

Christmas Day Pregnancy Announcements Ideas:

1.Baby themed Santa gifts. Baby bibs, diapers, bottles, booties, with no name tag. This way family members have to guess who sent them and what in the world is going on. Now, I’ve seen first-hand how hilarious this one can be. People start looking around the room questioning what is up with the little gifts. The last time I saw this done it took a solid 30 minutes before anyone realized what was happening.

2. Baby Santa Outfit. Not only adorable, but super clever.

3. Play a baby game. Have family members sit at the table blindfolded and play with baby items trying to guess what it is. This is even more fun. When someone knows what it is they take off the blindfold.

4. Bun in the oven, literally. Those are too hilarious. You hide something in the oven, but without telling family members where it is you leave clues around the house. It is a treasure hunt of sorts and the younger kids will love it.

5. The latest one I’ve seen is the stork dropped me on the door step theme. Someone goes outside, puts a baby doll in a basket and rings the doorbell. Obviously, you probably want to leave a note or someone will think it is a prank.

6. Another great way is baby themed food. Baby ribs, baby carrots, baby spinach, and so forth. No one will get what is going on until it is too late into the Christmas dinner.

Remember, the cleverer you get the more joyous of a reaction you will have. It’s a great time to have fun and announce to the family your special little gift this holiday season. I hope you find the best way to announce your bundle of joy and have fun doing so.

If you have done a pregnancy announcement on Christmas day what did you do special or was it a normal announcement? I would love to hear what clever ideas you have come up with in the past. Did you come up with a clever and secreative way to tell the family? How soon did it take for them to get the message?

I love seeing all these special announcements and how you made it even more special. Congratulations on your bundle of joy may your Holiday Season be even brighter.

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