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Is there are Wrong Way to Christmas Shop? In-store or Online?

By Ashley Chapmen

In Tips
Dec 14th, 2017

Each year millions around the world shop for Christmas goodies. But more recently people have wondered or at least I have, is there are wrong way to Christmas shop? Is it better to stick with the traditional going in and out of stores during the holiday season to find every gift and baskets you can find for friends and family. Perhaps, in a way it is easier to go in the store because you can feel, see, and choose the exact gift you are looking for. Sometimes we have no idea what to get for someone, going into a store can give you ideas and you might even find yourself having an ‘ah-ha’ moment of ‘this would be great for so, and so’. While it is traditional to shop in a store

What about online christmas shopping, is it wrong to accomplish your Christmas shopping online? Granted you will not have the option to physically hold the item in your hands and you do miss out on walking up and down all the isles. But, when shopping online you get to bypass the crowds, the bumper to bumper highways, and accidents. I also find shopping online you can really compare prices with Google Shopping and find the cheapest products.

Word of Warning when trying to price match in stores, Wal-Mart is no longer offering this feature. Why? Who knows, maybe they think they are losing money, but

Online price matching really is easier. You simply can check Google Shopping for the very specific product you are looking for and see every store that offers that same item. You then can choose which store has it cheaper and obviously quickly order it.

What do you prefer to Christmas shopping, Online or In-stores?

I find each year I mix it up. Some things I can only find in the store because well, truthfully, I am being picky and want to see the product before I buy it. While other things I find online on a whim and decide that would be great for someone in the family and I order them. Plus, when I order them online some places offer gift wrapping, so all the work has been done for me, minus the gift tag. I also have a difficult time finding Christmas stocking stuffers in the store that are what I am truly looking for. Most of the time the awesome and really nice stocking stuffers are found online and at reasonable prices. But, I also cannot pass up some quality time in a store looking at their amazing and overly decorated Christmas isles. The little Santa that wiggles, the snowman that looks too huge for real life, and those nativity scenes. I can never get enough of them.

I think a lot of people are starting to shop more online because it is easier with less crowds and not having to worry about the kids finding out what they are getting before Christmas. After all, how is one to shop for a child that is eager to find what they should not? It can be even difficult with a spouse or partner because they want to out do you on whatever you purchased for them. I have to find even more clever ways to hide presents each year.


What are your thoughts on this?

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