The Little Touches that Make the Difference!

By Ashley Chapmen

In Decoration
Nov 28th, 2015

Now that you have all of the Christmas decorations up it is time to work on the little touches that make the most difference. A lot of times people believe that it is the big decorations that make the difference, but it really is the little touches that make the most difference. The little touches are what makes the decorations look spectacular. By now you might be asking, “what are the little touches that make the difference?”. There are so many little touches you can incorporate into your decorations to make everything come together and look marvelous I’ve just listed a few little touches that you may just love to try this Christmas.

# 1 Dinner Table

Sometimes I like to add some ribbon and mistletoe or berries to the cloth napkins and place them on the plates. Of course, I color coordinate the cloth napkins with the ribbons and berries. Color matching is a plus to help the plates stand out when everyone comes in to eat. I also, like to add some greens from the Christmas tree or Garland to the table centerpiece. Remember the chandelier as well, you can add some ribbon or color theme it with the plates and table centerpiece.

# 2 the Wreath

A fresh wreath is great, but often something is missing from it whether that is a little color or just something to match the home. I am a huge believer in adding little things to nearly everything I purchase during the Christmas season. For the wreath, I sometimes add some Holly or ribbon to give it some festive look. The ribbon is great to hang the wreath so that you do not have to put a nail in the door. You can use a clip hanger from the store that can easily be removed.

# 3 the Mantle

The mantle is sometimes one of the places many people forget to decorate or add some little touches. A mantle could use some gardlin and snow effect to it. Adding some candles and some flowers in a vase makes the most difference. Even having a larger vase with flowers in the center and two smaller vases with one on each side can make for a gorgeous mantel piece. Do not forget to add the Christmas stockings to it; I have been known to forget them myself.

# 4 Coffee Table

When I first began decorating my home for Christmas I would constantly forget about the coffee table in the living room, but now it is my favorite table to decorate. The reason it is my favorite is because when I entertain guests many of the guests will notice the coffee table, Christmas tree, end tables, and mantel before they see the rest of my home. I love to add some white or blue and white flowers in a glass vase with a silver tray. Sometimes I add a dollie to it with a little Garland. Of course, you do not want to go too crazy with the little touches on the coffee table, after all you need room for your drinks and appetizers.

# 5 End Tables

Unless you already have table organizers the end tables are the most cluttered with everyday things. I like to go out and buy either a white or brown whicker box and decorate it with ribbons and berries. Sometimes I add flowers to the boxes to give it a feminine finish. To finish off the tables I add some greenery around the bottom of the boxes right on the table. It brings it to life yet, makes it very easy to accomplish. This is a great do-it-yourself project as well.

# 6 Foyer Table Entrance

This is one part of the home I really try to focus on for the obvious reason, it is the first thing people see when they enter my home. Adding some gardlin, a vase with some flowers, ribbon, snow, candles, etc,; really does brighten up the entrance.

# 7 Bathroom Counters and Towel Racks

A lot of people do forget about these small places around the home, but I would rather add little touches to almost every place I can just to make the home feel more like Christmas. There are many different little touches you could add to make it look gorgeous. You could wrap some ribbon around them, use some greenery to add a little color, and even add some Holly if you would like.

# 8 Bathroom Countertops

If your bathroom counter is like my second bathroom that most guests you, the counter itself is not very big which limits how much you can do with it. I still find room for at least a candle or two and at least a vase with some flowers that match the rest of the home.

#9 Bed Posts

I bet you did not even think of this idea, am I right? For the bed posts if you have the room for it, you could add some greenery and Holly or beads, ribbon is also a great idea as well. I like to bring the rest of the Christmas theme right on in to the bedroom, it just makes it feel magical and like your own little haven when you retire for bed.

# 10 Kitchen Counters and Cabinets

As you know, the days leading up to Christmas we typically spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else. Cooking and preparing the feast we will feed our family on Christmas it is only fair that we add some little touches to the kitchen as well. For the counters I like to use the edge for placing some greenery and Holly this also free’s up the countertop so I am not using space I will need later. The cabinets I like adding some snowflakes to them as I am patiently waiting for it to snow during Christmas.

As you can see, I like to add some little touches to pretty much every place in the home. I enjoy making the home a Christmas wonderland no matter what room you choose you will find something magical representing Christmas. Perhaps, you have your own little touches you like to add to your Christmas decorations. Let us know what type of little touches you like to add with the decorations.

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