History of Christmas Gift Giving

By Ashley Chapmen

In Christmas Gifts
Nov 26th, 2015

Today we have Christmas, birthday, baby shower, engagement, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s gifts, just to name a few special gift occasions off the top of my head. Gift giving has become a major part in our world, we have baby shower registery’s, wedding registery’s, and so much more. It seems that gift giving now is a major part in every country but, was gift-giving always such an integral part in our culture?

It is believed that Christmas gift-giving began some odd 2,000 years ago when God gave the world one large present on Christmas morning in a stable outside of Bethlehem. That morning a baby, Jesus, was born where three wise men traveled far to bring the baby gifts. Each wise man presented the small King with their own gifts; Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh. The three wise man brought the gifts to rejoice, worship, and to bring thanks to the God for his son Jesus.

After Jesus’s birth, people began to adopt the gift giving each Christmas and would make their children something special to open on that day. In that time people did not make much money, their presents were handcrafted. Mom’s would make scarfs, hats, booties, and other sorts of clothing while the father would build or trade for something he believed his children would like to have. As years past, the concept kept up except now the presents were also given to adults . As early as the 1800s, people would either handcraft or purchase presents if they were ‘rich’ enough. Often times children were just as happy to open up a parcel with a brand new knitted scarf than to have something of nonsense.

Today on Christmas morning children bounce up out of bed with an energy that adults only wish we could have. The children are all dressed in pajama’s waking their parents bright and early to hurry up and open the presents ‘Santa’ left for them the night before. Children of all ages look forward to that special time of year where lights are twinkling on the trees, snow is outside, hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies are sitting on the end table next to the fireplace. Christmas gift giving for a child is a magical time of year that everyone including the adults take part in now. As adults we buy presents for our children to show them how much we love them and to offer them something special once a year they would not get at any other time. We share love and joy with families, and swap gifts from those we love. Gift giving has evolved into showing another how we care about them and offering the person something they either need or want and would not have at any other time.


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