Fond Christmas Memories

By Ashley Chapmen

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Nov 25th, 2015

As the Christmas season quickly approaches, my thoughts turn to Fond Memories of my childhood. Memories of my fun, loving, energetic grandmother in the kitchen baking for days on end. Memories of my Mother decorating for Christmas and helping to get the baking finished. Memories of my Uncle playing in the snow with the three wheeler and building snowmen with me. Memories of my grandpa shouting orders on how grandma was supposed to prepare the food and what food to cook.

Even to this day, I am still excited about Christmas day, even though I have taken over the cooking now. I look back and remember the many recipes my grandmother taught me while helping prepare a many Christmas meals in my early childhood. Every year, I look back on the traditions we had in preparing the Christmas dinner. We would put on Christmas music and start off baking the cookies, fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate fudge, and sugar cookies cut out in Christmas decorations. Then, we would prepare the pies from pumpkin pie, apple pie, peach cobbler which is my favorite, and chocolate pudding pie for my Uncle. Next, we worked on the side dishes such as the turkey dressing although, it was more chicken dressing, dinner rolls, and my Grandmother’s famous sweet potatoes that never lasted. Christmas morning we would wake up extra early to put the massive turkey in the oven and start heating up the foods we prepared the days leading up to Christmas.

The aroma coming from the kitchen would wake everyone in the house bright and early Christmas morning. My Uncle was as bad as any child could be, sneaking into the kitchen to get some cookies or fudge. You could say that my Uncle was our taste tester for everything during the Christmas season.

As the turkey was baking, our home would slowly fill up with family members from all over. My Great-Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, and friends all would come to my grandparents to celebrate the day, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy a perfectly home cooked meal. It was those traditions that hold the fondest memories for me. Christmas was the best holiday of the year, I just loved having the entire family together.

I remember it like yesterday, how everyone would sit around the Christmas tree in the family room, looking out the patio doors waiting for it to start snowing. We all were waiting for the same thing, food to done so we can open the presents and for snow to start falling outside. Our Christmas tree was decorated to the hilt with as many ornaments and memories from when everyone was growing up. We had ornaments from when my Mom and Uncle were children to the first Christmas I ever celebrated. Those little traditions are what make the fondest memories for anyone.

All of these fond memories are what makes up a perfect Christmas holiday. Each year, we continue the traditions started many years ago. Memories are what make the season all that more precious. What fond memories of Christmas do you have?


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