What is the Christmas Spirit?

By Ashley Chapmen

In History
Nov 26th, 2015

If you are like me, you have heard at least one person say, we need to have Christmas spirit. So, that got me thinking what exactly does the phrase “Christmas Spirit” really mean? I suppose if you asked your family each person would give you a different meaning because in truth Christmas Spirit does not have just one meaning that is hard set.

If we look back some years ago, Christmas spirit was easily defined by one aspect, a person’s generous heart. It was the generosity of others during Christmas time that was the Christmas spirit. That person who volunteered down at the local shelter to prepare food for the homeless, or the little girl who packed up a shoe box and sent it off to a child in a far away land. That is Christmas Spirit. Christmas spirit in truth is the giving of yourself to help others. It is not the presents you receive or how much money you spend on gifts. It is that one selfless act of charity upon someone else whether the person knows you did this for them or not.

Christmas spirit is that person who walks into a store, goes to the layaway section and pays off a random persons layaway. It is the person who crochets or knits all year long to make scarves and hats for children. The person who stops to buy an elderly man a warm meal. Christmas spirit is the generosity of giving yourself and your time to someone else less fortunate.

But, the meaning of Christmas spirit has been lost to thousands over the years. Now people believe that it’s the Christmas spirit to give presents and receive them when in truth you are tarnishing the real meaning behind Christmas. Christmas spirit is not the presents under the tree or that new ring your spouse gave you, no that is the tarnished version of Christmas spirit. If you really want Christmas Spirit this year, give an hour of your time to someone less fortunate, send a package to a family in need, donate some clothing or winter items to kids that otherwise could not afford it. This year challenge yourself to bring back the Christmas spirit .

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