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DIY Temporary Christmas Tattoo Ornament Tutorial

By Ashley Chapmen

In Decoration
Dec 19th, 2017

Just reading that headline you are probably wondering, how in the world that is possible. I came across this idea on Pinterest and absolutely loved how simple it was to do. The kids love tattoos which makes this a win-win with them as well. To be honest, this is a very simple and quick crafts project you can do in a matter of 15 minutes depending on how many ornaments you want to create. I also, find this idea a great Christmas gift idea as well. Not only is this a versatile project, but it has many different outcomes from gift giving, selling, or simply using them yourself. I know exactly what I will be doing this year.


DIY Christmas Ornament Temporary Tattoo Tutorial Instructions


What you will need:


How-to, Step by Step Guide

1.Make sure your ornaments are clean. I like to wipe them down with rubbing alcohol it not only disinfects the ornaments, but helps the tattoos to stick more. You can use alcohol wipes or cotton balls with a small amount of rubbing alcohol from your local pharmacy. Takes a matter of seconds to rub them down and have them ready for the next step.

2. Temporary Tattoos of your choosing with the sponge and bowl of water. We are going to cut out the tattoo according to the size we need it for the ornaments. Once you have them at the correct size, peel off the clear layer protecting the tattoo. Place the tattoo on the ornament where you want it to be. Dip the sponge in the water and get it damp. Gently, tap the tattoo backing until it is wet. Make sure you do not rub it as it may smear the tattoo onto the ornament. If you have ever done a temporary tattoo you know it is fairly easy to do, but it is easy to smear.


After 30 seconds of wetting the back, gently peel off the tattoo transfer paper. Now, the tattoo should be on the ornament and ready to dry and be sealed.

3.Give the tattoo 30 seconds to 1 minute to dry before you seal the tattoo. If you have never heard of decoupage, it is a clear gloss glue best with ornaments and glass projects. It does not dry yellow or noticeable. We’ll use the small paint brush to brush on a layer of the decoupage onto the ornament over the tattoo. Pressing lightly as we do not want to ruin the design, paint on the decoupage and allow to air dry. I like to give it an overnight dry just to be on the safe side. Best news is this glue is versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Now that you have the temporary tattoos glued in place on the ornaments they should last a long time. Plus, you have to admit any craft project is relaxing and stress-free.


What design did you choose for your temporary tattoo Christmas ornaments?

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