Christmas Grown Up

How is Christmas Different Now Compared to Growing Up?

By Ashley Chapmen

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Aug 31st, 2017

How was your Christmas growing up?

We live in a world where as you age many of the family traditions change. Sometimes those changes can be for the better. But, other times it leaves you longing for an old-fashion Christmas we had as children. I believe a lot of this has to do with the now fast-paced lifestyle many of us are leading. A family of our own, a career in the making, a spouse, being glued to our smartphones, it all plays a huge part in how we look at Christmas anymore. Do you remember what it was like to have Christmas when you were a child? Christmas then was so much simpler and magical.

I remember exactly what Christmas was like when I was a child all those years ago. Yes! I am old like a dinosaur, well, not nearly as old. Christmas was much different than it is now. Back when I was a child we would have white Christmas’s every year. My uncle, aunt, cousins, and mom would all find the time to play in the snow. While grandma stayed in the house making us each a hot cup of chocolate. We’d sit by the fireplace warming ourselves as we talked about the coming holiday or watched Christmas movies together. Every now and again, we would break out the three-wheeler and have a little fun in the snow while riding a house down to my great-grandparents.

Each Christmas, the entire family aunts, uncles, cousins’ from far, would gather to not only decorate but, prepare for the holiday. Everyone pitched in to help the other so it was not left up to just one person. Us kids, had the job of tasting the first cookies fresh, hot right out of the oven just as grandma can only make. We’d sit around the kitchen table for hours listening to stories about what the holidays were like when they were young. I still cannot believe my grandma had to walk over four miles a day to a one-room school house. That feels like centuries ago.

Christmas then was magical and more special than anything I’ve ever seen since growing up. Our family hardly ever finds the time to get together anymore blaming it on the never-ending careers or businesses depending on who you ask. With only a grandmother left, I try every year to rekindle that magical Christmas spirit. No one pitches in to help the other and everything is normally left up to one person to do. Although, we do get to have Christmas dinner together everything else has changed. No more playing in the snow, no riding the three-wheeler to see the great-grandparents, or watching Christmas movies together.

A lot of that changed as we grew up, had our own families and moved on. I know, I grew up and moved on somehow without even realizing it. It could be all the work I do, being a caregiver, or the fact that I am no longer a child but, Christmas is not the same as before.

How different is your Christmas compared to when you were a child? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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