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Christmas Turkey Leftover Buffalo Turkey Tortilla Roll Up Recipe

By Ashley Chapmen

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Dec 23rd, 2017

Christmas is over and you have all those leftovers, what do you do now? We can only eat turkey so long until you start feeling like you are turning into a turkey, right? It starts getting old and the flavor it just doesn’t hit the spot like it did on Christmas day. That is why I’ve found some of the best turkey recipe to use to help you use the leftovers without wasting anything. I have made these Buffalo Turkey Tortilla Roll Ups almost every single year because I refuse to eat plain turkey more than twice a year. I have learned that if you mix it up into other recipes it tastes even better and you will never waste any more leftovers again.


1.Buffalo Turkey Tortilla Roll Ups- great for snacks


2 cups Shredded Turkey

8 ounces Cream Cheese, I like using the light version, it helps to hold everything together along with the BBQ sauce.

½ cup BBQ sauce of your liking or Buffalo Wing Sauce

¼ cup blue cheese crumbled, can substitute feta cheese if you do not like blue cheese.

1 cup cheddar cheese shredded, substitute with your favorite shredded cheese

2 tablespoon sour cream

4 to 8 large tortilla wraps, gluten free is good too

Green Onion thinly chopped, optional you can add more onion for spice if you like the extra kick.



1.In a mixing bowl, mix up the cheeses and sour cream first.

2.Toss the turkey and sauce in

3.Lay out the tortilla wraps flat on a plate or cutting board. Spread a thin layer of the mixture onto the wraps leaving 1 inch around the edges. This typically takes 2-4 tablespoons of mixture.

4.Roll up the tortillas into wraps.  

5.Repeat until mixture is gone.

6.Toss the rolled-up wraps into the refrigerator for roughly 2 hours to chill.

Take out and cut into slices. I like to do about a ½ inch slices. They are bite size and everyone will love them.

*Note* You can skip the refrigerator time if you want to serve immediately. All you have to do is cut to size, place on a serving dish and they are ready to eat. I always make double because I can freeze them and take them out to any party for finger foods. It also helps to use up the turkey faster and give the kids an after-school quick snack.

I have also substituted blue cheese with feta cheese because it is a bit sweeter with a nice flavor, for those of you that do not like blue cheese. My husband does not like sour cream, but he says it is not noticeable with this recipe because of the BBQ sauce. So, if you have someone who doesn’t like sour cream they shouldn’t be able to taste it if at all.


What is your favorite Turkey Leftover recipe after the Christmas holiday?

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