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5 Must Watch Christmas Spirit Pick Me Up Movies

By Ashley Chapmen

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Dec 26th, 2017

As you probably have guessed it, Christmas is my favorite holiday of them all. I can feel the Christmas spirit every day of the year not just one day out of the year. Thinking about Christmas is magical and makes all your worries disappear. But, when you are not in the Christmas spirit I have a few must watch best christmas movies on Netflix and DVD you have to grab. Honestly, these movies are the types of movies I can watch all year long and feel that Christmas warmth, fire blazing, snow falling, magic. It never fails whatever mood I am in these bring me more joy every single time I watch them.

My Must Watch Christmas Spirit Pick Me Up Movies

1.Evergreen Christmas

Definitely a head turner. Small-town girl everyone knows and loves with a voice like an angel. Goes to the big city to make it big only to see a family tragedy send her packing home to her family Evergreen Christmas Tree business. The only problem is she’s living a life in the big city no one even knows about. Her boyfriend follows her home only to see one thing after another goes wrong. In the end, she finds herself and makes it back to her roots of singing and family.

2.Christmas Lodge

To be fair, I will warn you now, grab the Kleenex’s. Grand-daughter and daughter to contractors, she works the elaborate lifestyle of renovating old historical buildings. As a young girl, each Christmas, her family would celebrate at “Christmas Lodge”, a family run establishment. Only, they have not been in years. She’s the wilderness girl that loves hiking, climbing, and being outdoors. On a recent hike with her city-slicker boyfriend, they run across Christmas Lodge. Ran down, beaten by weather and the tragedy she has one driving purpose now, fix the lodge for one last Christmas holiday with the family. Only, in the process her grandfather becomes ill, she falls madly in love with a mysterious man from her past, and she does get that Christmas miracle after all.

3.The Christmas Card

A solider stationed in Afghan for the past couple of years holds on to a Christmas card sent from a stranger. Yet, he cannot shake the desire to meet this person. After being sent home, he goes to the town where the Christmas card was sent only to find everyone welcoming him into town and into their lives. He learns of the lady who sent the card “Faith” which she was appropriately named as it gave him faith to keep moving forward. Working at her family’s business they grow closer and closer. Only the boyfriend from out of town shows up. It has a happy ending and definitely Christmas spirit magic all around.

4.Frosty the Snowman

It is a classic, but I think it really is the fun and laughter that can bring you out of any melancholy mood. I love seeing kids having fun and a talking, magical snowman just takes it to a whole new level.

5.Santa Baby

This one has a little bit of everything from comedy to romance and even some drama. A new man, Nick takes over as Santa for his dad this year. The real Santa decided it was time to retire. There’s only one problem, for Nick to remain the jolly ole saint nick he must marry and soon. A poacher makes it even more challenging when he stumbles upon the reindeer. It has the fun, the laughter, and a lot of Christmas magic. If you watch it remember to watch Santa Baby 2, the second one is better.


Those are my 5 must watch Christmas movies for Christmas Spirit and Magic. No matter what is going on in your life, if it been a bad day, a bad week, turn on one of these and let the Christmas magic sweep you away to another time and place. It works every time for me and I’m sure you will love these choices too.

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