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Top 3 Tips to Keep the Kids Busy During Christmas Break

By Ashley Chapmen

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Dec 9th, 2017

With Christmas fast approaching it just reminds us of the long winter nights and winter break. Kids become agitated easier being stuck inside while parents try to juggle the kids, work, housework, holiday shopping and let’s not even talk about the traffic outside. Days become shorter, nights become longer and we all struggle to get through even one day, yet along two weeks with the kids home. What are we supposed to do? Thinking activity for kids? We want to be the best parents, but it is more than challenging during the winter break session. It is too cold to send the kids outside to play all day, that is why I decided to come up with a few ideas to help keep the kids entertained while you keep your sanity.


Top 3 Tips to Keep the Kids Busy During Christmas Break.


Special Chores to help prepare for Christmas. I find it easier to let the kids help with decorations and crafting then, sitting them in front of the television all day with fighting between siblings. Special chores can be:

  • Decorating the tree
  • Making Christmas ornaments
  • Making snowflake ornaments to hang around the house
  • Cleaning and decorating their room. You would be surprised how fast a child will jump to clean their room if they get to decorate it for Christmas.
  • Helping bake. Even the younger kids can help stir the mixtures and it makes them feel like big kids. I know a bigger mess, but it keeps them busy and you doing what you need to for the day.

I limit television time during winter break and only allow 2 movies a day. I have found if kids are sitting in front of the television with siblings there will be more fighting than when you give them something to do.


Crafting Christmas Items. Another great idea, DIY presents for the kids to make themselves. Help them choose something that is appropriate for their age range that you are comfortable with letting them do themselves with slight supervision. Even the smallest projects can help keep the kids out of trouble, working together with siblings, and creating a peaceful house.


Christmas Reading List. Reading is a great way to allow the kids a chance to be in an adventure while stuck in the house. Books can take you anywhere from England to Neverland playing out the wildest and fun adventures of Princesses, Pirates, Fairies, and more. When I am stuck on what to give them to do I come up with a Christmas reading list, the catch is however many books they read I will add an extra present from Santa under the tree on Christmas morning. It is a compromise, you get quiet time and the kids get to learn more and enhance their reading during the winter break session.


As you can tell, I am one for crafting and helping the kids learn even during a Christmas break session. It is difficult enough being a parent every other day of the week, but when you are all stuck inside with shorter days kids get more ramped up and wired. More for Christmas than, the being stuck in the house. That’s why I find it a good idea to have back up plans for everything in case one idea fails you have something else to try.


Do you assign anything specifically different during the Christmas break for your kids to do?

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