10 Ways to Defuse Tense Family Moments during the Holidays

By Ashley Chapmen

In Tips
Nov 27th, 2015

No matter how much we hope to have that perfect Christmas where no one says something cross it just does not happen. Every family at some point will have an argument over the holidays it is just inevitable. One thing we can do differently is know how to defuse those tense moments and regain the holiday cheer. These 10 ways to defuse tense family moments during the holidays will definitely help you keep your family cheerful and the holiday season running more smoothly.

# 1 Never expect perfection

Everyone dreams of that perfect Christmas where the family is ever cheerful, there is fresh fallen snow, and the days go by filled with so much joy and laughter. Most families will not have that picture perfect hallmark Christmas, in fact most families will have at least one argument. If you do not expect the holiday to be absolutely perfect then, a family argument will not be completely disappointing and ruin your holiday spirit. Remember, every family has some type of issues and Christmas is not Christmas without at least one little disagreement.

# 2 Remember the meaning behind Christmas

Often we get in such a rush around Christmas and become very stressed that we forget the little things like the meaning behind Christmas. Instead of focusing on what gifts you have not purchased yet, what meal has to be prepared, how many guests will be there, or how much cleaning you have to do, focus on why Christmas is so important to you. Remember why you celebrate Christmas and why you love the holiday. Take time for yourself to unwind and relax during the holiday you deserve it after all.

# 3 Accept it and Move On

There is going to be at least one disagreement this Christmas season. Instead of finding a reason why you are right and the other person is wrong, just walk away. Accept that the family member is just wanting to pick an argument to prove they are right and you are wrong, but honestly no one is right or wrong. It is just about the drama being created the person is looking for. Accept that and move past it.

# 4 Do not ADD fuel to the Fire

If there is a disagreement or argument do not jump in the middle or say something that will make the other person angry. Keeping fuel off the fire will help ease the tension and get everyone back into the holiday spirit. Remember, there is always at least one person waiting for someone to add the fuel do not fall for it.

# 5 Talk it through before

Sometimes there is something bothering a person and having everyone together just seems the fitting time for them to explode and start a fight. Why not try and set aside a day where everyone can talk, vent, or even yell out their problems before Christmas? It will help lesson the tension and allow everyone to get through Christmas more smoothly.

# 6 A breath of Fresh air

If all else fails suggest a breath of fresh air. The cold air is sure to cool someone’s hot head this time of year. It might just be what the person needs to collect their thoughts, regain their posture, and join the party.

# 7 Start Caroling

As crazy as this may sound, singing actually calms a person down. So, if the situation does become a little too tense just strike up a Christmas carol and start singing at the top of your lungs. As everyone joins in you will see the tension breaking and everything going back to normal.

# 8 Bursting out Laughing

Yes, I know this may seem a little out there, but it will get everyone’s attention no matter what. Just stop what you are doing and burst out laughing for no reason at all. Believe me everyone will be staring at you and questioning what they just missed.

# 9 If all else fails, there is the children

What adult really wants to fight in front of a child during Christmas? Well, all it takes is for a child to walk into the room and the fighting will stop. It is at least worth a try.

# 10 Above All Give Thanks

Give thanks that the family is together, that everyone is healthy, alive, and able to celebrate the holiday season together. Go around and have everyone list at least one thing they are most thankful for. This really does help everyone get into a better mood thinking about the great things in life.

Defusing a family situation may not be easy, but it sure can be fun depending on which tip you choose. I have been known to burst out laughing before with my family. Actually, last Christmas I started bursting out laughing, everyone became quiet, stared at me, and then asked, “What is so funny?”. Before long, I had everyone bursting out laughing too! Just remember, it is all about how you handle the situation and whether or not you add fuel to the fire. Make this Christmas one to remember!

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