10 Unexpected ways to use Ribbon for Christmas Decorations

By Ashley Chapmen

In Decoration
Nov 25th, 2015

Ribbon not only has a fashionable use for bows anymore. Now, ribbon can be used for just about anything during the Christmas season. Did you know that you can use ribbon on nearly everything you decorate for Christmas even cards? If you did not know that now you do. So, what exactly are the Top 10 Tips for ribbon usage during Christmas time?

Tip # 1 Christmas Card Ribbons

Now you can use Ribbon for a decoration on your Christmas cards. Your friends and family will think you spent so much more on them with this simple little tip. You can tie the ribbon in bows or even make fancy little designs on the card depending on how creative you want to be.

Tip # 2 Star of David

Now you can use blocks of wood or a special area on your wall to create a Star of David. Choose any color of ribbon and create a Star of David that everyone will love.

Tip # 3 The Wreath

All you need is a wreath wire and your ribbon of choice. You can create little bows and make a wreath out of the ribbon using the bows. Different, colorful, creative. If you want you can go unconventional and use your favorite football team colors or school colors for those kids in school.

Tip # 4 Ribbon for the Dining Table

You can use bright shiny red ribbon or any color of your choice to decorate up the chairs by tying big bows around the back of the chairs. Add some pinecone or greenery to spruce it up a bit and now you have your very own Christmas chairs in your dining room. You can also, use ribbon to decorate up the silverware holders and placemats. Remember, you can be as creative as you want to be.
Tip # 5 Ribbon to Hang Ornaments over the Windows

Yes, you can use ribbon of your choice to hang ornaments of different height on your window. Even add a bow at top to finish up your design. Ribbon is not just great for bows.

Tip # 6 Foot Welcome Wreath

People do actually make welcome mats, but this time instead of it being a mat it is a wreath made out of ribbon. You can use the ribbon to create a green and red style welcome mat in a round wreath style. Not only do you show your guest you celebrate Christmas, but it also is a great porch decoration.

Tip # 7 Hanging Wreaths and other Decorations

Instead of using tacks that will leave holes in your walls or tape that will tear off the paint use some ribbon. All you will need is some command hooks from your local store and any ribbon you want. Tie the ribbon to the hook which is placed on the inside of the door, running the ribbon above the door and over. Hang the wreath at your desired height. You will then be able to do this same thing with pictures and other decorations.

Tip # 8 Ribbon Garland

Simple yet, stylish idea to add to your decorations at an affordable cost. Lots of ribbon, a needle, and thread. Thread the needle through the center of the ribbon. Once you have added all the ribbon you are going to push the ribbon down on the thread. It will cause it to make a design almost mesh like. Then, tie off the thread and you now have Ribbon Garland to use around the entire home.

Tip # 9 Christmas Tree Creation

Kids love to make crafts during the holidays and this is a great craft for them to do. Grab a branch with no leaves or anything on it. Use the ribbon to create your very own miniature Christmas tree to use as decorations or a fun craft for the kids.

Tip # 10 Christmas Themed Shirts

Are you ready to create your own Christmas Themed Shirts this year? Add some brown and then, glue on some ribbon different lengths as you work up. This will make a Christmas tree design with the brown showing the stem. Easy design for just about anyone to do.

Ribbon has so many different decoration uses especially around the holiday season. Now, you no longer have to stick to using ribbon as bows or on packages. Add some more ribbon to your decorations and let us know exactly how you used your ribbon this holiday season!


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